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Donald Sproson

Regional Manager United Kingdom

Languages: English and German

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Passionate About Language and Business Services

International Business Services is passionate and committed about helping companies around the world to make the right connections around the world to help their businesses grow through building strong relationships. We are a group of business and language professionals who through their business knowledge and language skills can help companies in one country make the right business connections in another country and break down language and cultural barriers. We are committed to deliver a friendly but professional service tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

Professional Relationships

We succeeded by listening to and working with our customers, who increasingly demand the quality, responsiveness, professionalism and support that only a high-quality language service provider can supply in the countries they are seeking to build relationships. By getting to understand the needs and requirements of our clients we can work along them to take advantage of the many business opportunities that are awaiting to be explored. To connect them to the companies who would be interested in what our clients have to offer. We view the long-term relationships with our clients as an indication that we are providing the service and quality they require.

Enquire About Our Services

We offer language and business services for a wide range international language used today, in a wide variety of industries and for a range of different projects. From as little as 500 € , we can help you get your business connected in the
country you are interested. So whether you want Spanish language training, a Polish interpreter or a facilitator who
speaks from Farsi, Turkish or German, give us a call on +447555560174 or email us.

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